Greetings to world citizen We are anonymous international. Indonesians have come to our attention as we hear the BUZZER AHOK team has mentioned our name on their video and whatsApp text they are about habib Rizieq and firza scandal. We reject it. WhatsApp's video and text is not yours. We could have resisted, but we do not want to take care of politics in your country. As you know anonymous is watching you. You have seen warnings from us that contain the right freedom and righteous life to commit advanced character assassination. #Ahok #buzzer If you keep insisting on our name. So be prepared to face our #LIGHTS. We are ready to block all your online media. We are ready to give peace to it if needed. And we are ready to do it to the person who wants it. We will call the Anonymous troops to hack Hack, # SPOPS, leaks the database, and takes over all the Ahok Buzzer websites. Last warning, Do not dare take our name for your enmity. We are anonymous. We are troops. United by one and separated by zero. We are not forgiving and we have not forgotten this problem.

We Are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget,Expect us!