Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance worked in conjunction with King County in order to bring you Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. They have had help from many different groups to make this wonderful place happen. The list is long and includes builders, advocates, philanthropists, and people like you and I.

Evergreen’s Mission Statement:

“Evergreen creates and protects sustainable mountain biking opportunities in Washington.”

1.1 Background

— Duthie Hill is a King County Park located between the cities of Sammamish and Issaquah.

— The park is a nicely wooded 120 acre forest with rolling terrain and well draining soils.

— There is a 2.5 acre clearing in the middle, surrounding by second growth forest.

— Duthie Hill connects with Grand Ridge Park to its south, and is less than 2 miles Southeast of Soaring Eagle Park.

— All of Duthie Hill Park (120 acres) has been slated for a MTB park.

— The park will be mostly funded by King County via 2 grants: CPG = $100K and YSFG = $49,850.

1.2 Opportunity


— There are limited flowy XC trails in the Seattle/Eastside area – a lot of tight and twisty XC

— There are no official freeride trails in the woods in the Seattle/Eastside area

— Existing XC race courses are boring, not technical, and aren’t set up to maximize the “event” experience

— South Seatac flow lines will eventually go away

— Difficult for youth to get involved in mountain biking (trail systems are far away and involve long drives, existing trails are not interesting to younger riders)


— 1st flowy XC, official freeride and flowlines in the Seattle metro area (outdoors and in the woods)

— The best XC race course in the Seattle area (more technically challenging than other race courses)

— A place to hold MTB events (XC races, mini-DH, DJ)

— A mountain biking hangout with a real biking community scene

— Learning and progression opportunities for all riding styles and skill levels

— More fun and easier way for kids and new riders to get into mountain biking and improve fitness

— Revenue generator for mountain bike advocacy

1.3 Objectives

Project Mission:

Complete the design and construction of Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park Phase 1 by 9/30/2009 for a total cash budget of $163,350 (CPG Grant: $100,000, YSFG grant: $49,850, YSFG Match: $13,500).

General High Level Goals:

· Provide a professionally designed and built single-use mountain bike park.

· Design XC trails in a manner that provides fun, challenge and skills progression opportunities for all riders – novices, intermediates and advanced.

· Design and build trails and features to an aesthetic quality appropriate for a public park.

· Design trails and features with an appropriate level of risk – maximize challenge and minimize penalty for failure.

· Design trails and features to minimize ongoing maintenance costs.

· Add new types of trails, TTFs and practice areas that compliment and expand on what is already available in the Seattle/Eastside area.

· Minimize environmental impact.

· Complete the Phase 2 design (Phase 2 construction is subject to additional funding).

High Level Deliverables

· >4 miles of XC trails (4 race-friendly loops designed in a cloverleaf around the clearing)

· >1 mile of Freeride trails

· “Big-Bike” connector trails for Freeride trails, Flow lines and Mini-DH course

· 2.5 acre clearing hub in center of the park

· 600 ft boardwalk for hiker/biker access to the park from the north

· Maintenance Access Road from Issaquah-Fall City Rd to the clearing

· Phase 2 Design Document (all future potential trails, riding areas, features and infrastructure not constructed and completed will be designed and documented in Phase 1).