Paramount – Dirty White Boys Line

Dirty White Boy’s AKA DWB is one of the larger lines in the park, looks may be deceiving however….

The trail starts off with a gateway feature,

This drop is super flowy and fun and sends you perfectly into the next step up. From the platform take a couple pedals and coast into the drop!

The drop transitions into a fast, brakeless berm that sends you directly into a step up.

From the Step up, you coast into a sharp berm into a downhill roller.

From here, you have some options. There is a high side and a low side! The left is a steep lip into a mellow tranny that sends you into a nice step up. You can go low and roll around each jump as well!

From here, you have some set up rollers that shoot you into a 8 ft step down.

you can either jump, manual or roll these three, you do not need a lot of speed for the step down. After these rollers just coast on into it and let the bike do the work!

Drop off this puppy and no brakes into the next buttery double.

Round the corner into yet another step down.

After this things get fun, Rail into the next huge berm with no brakes and boost of this monolith of a hip.

After this, the biggest jump in the park is all that’s left. Send er!